Monday, January 16, 2012


Okay, so, in these political and economic times, EVERYONE feels like someone is crapping on them--AT LEAST one someone. SO. If you are well mentally organized, let people pee on you.
A) It is the most sanitary bodily fluid.
B) It's just a little pee, get over yourself.
C) It is practically community service! You are making people feel better!
D) Seriously, peeing on another person would make a lot of sick fucks feel better.
E) It isn't like these people are sick fucks, just normal people hit on hard times that want to sprinkle their winkle on you.
F) Really. What else are you doing with your time? Besides, you give/gave it away in the YMCA/gym/dorm showers.

P.S. Since it was my idea, I totally get 10%.

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