Monday, January 2, 2012

And How Does That Make You Feel?

JSun made Chaseycakes a green cocktail. Chaseycakes made Jsun a "yellow" cocktail (something with brandy...I didn't exactly follow). I made my own damn self a "red" cocktail (dirty manhatten--just a splash of cherry juice added). The colors were not intentional, they just happened (almost as if by coincidence! But Science says there is no such thing as coincidence...), and then we noticed that there was a solid stop light theme going on.

The stoplight theme is deeply significant and meaningful, and says something about each individual, as well as about us as a group. I would break it down for you, but analysis of this super-meaningful metaphore is like a Rorschach, and says heaping bucket-loads about the analyzer. It's friggin' Science getting in your head, monkey-truckers!

And I won't show you mine until you show me yours.

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