Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blinding me with Science!

Sometimes the strangest ideas will flash through my mind--with no apparent provocation--and I accidentally believe them before I notice what is happening.

I was just getting back into my car after pumping gas (sadly, this is sober Science). I was chewing some key lime pie gum (Scientifically proven to be delicious, though not as delicious as the orange creamcicle gum), and I had the thought, "I should be careful not to slam my tongue in the car door." And I was. Very careful.

Which is, of course, ridiculous. Everyone knows you have to try very, very, VERY hard to slam your tongue in a car door. And if they didn't know before, they do now. Because I said so. It is a Scientific fact.

P.S. This vaguely reminds me of how I spent all last weekend anxious because I had a dream that I got an email at work saying I was in trouble (though I wasn't in trouble in real life). Then the next night I had anxiety dreams all night that it turned out the dream email was real and I really was in trouble. By the next morning I was thoroughly anxious and confused, and even though I knew it was nonsense I could not entirely put my mind at ease until I got to work on Monday. That probably isn't Science, though. That's just crazy. And I should know.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Science? Culinary Science? Something...

Jsun: I got you babies for your birthday. Six of them. I got you sextuplets for your birthday.

Me: Gross! You better not have! Are they for cooking?

Jsun: Yes. Babies are for braising.

Me: Silly man! You don't braise babies. Babies are tender, they don't need to be braised.

Jsun: You're right. Babies are the Cornish game hens of cannibalism.

Me: It's Science.