Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, apparently, my MILLION DOLLAR PLAN!!! requires some clarification:

Jsun: So your million dollar plan is to let people pee on you?

Me: NO! My plan is to have the plan, and then get people to pay me 10% of the money they get paid for being peed on, because it was my idea.


Me: It's a pee-ramid scheme.

Damnit. I am funny. It is Science.

P.S. The plan (poorly articulated, though it was) was that, since everyone feels like they are being shit on anyway, being peed on is an improvement. Especially if they get paid for it. On the other side of the equation, people who feel like they are getting shit on will feel better if they get to be in the one-up position of peeing on someone a retaliatory sort of way.

P.P.S. Plus, I get rich

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