Saturday, August 27, 2011

The morning aftermath...

"I'm thinking...wait, no I'm not. I'm trying to think. It's similar, but less effective."


"Phones shouldn't be that arousing."

FOR THE RECORD...there was certainly some post-imbibement haze, but I think that post-coital languor was equally or more responsible. I was informed, however, that if that (the first one) wasn't a quote for this forum, nothing was.

Also, the haze this morning was bewildering. One mixed drink, one beer, and two Manhattans. I understand that those of less libatious fortitude might find that ample to result in drunkenness and next morning malaise, but I am staunch in my consumption. My only theory has to do with a combination of inadequate sleep (there is no valid reason any of us should be aware there is a 5:45 in the morning), not eating enough (I love food, I am not one of those creepy waif girls that won't eat--I just got distracted), and dehydration (my body works best with 2+ liters of water a day...stupid body, being all demanding).

My will see...

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