Monday, April 16, 2012

Late(ish...for me) musings...

Downer. For realsies. Skip it.

Okay, fine. You asked for it.


Take a moment: What is the worst thing you have ever done? What is the worst thing you have ever done professionally?

Can you live with it? Why are you in (this) business?

I convinced a young man to try and turn his whole life around. He trusted me beyond reproach. I let the system tell me what to do. I never lied. I never violated the technical ethics. From a certain perspective, I made the most benevolent choices for him...I still cannot count what I would give for the chance to have been truly honest with him.

That is the basic problem with my job: I digest the sewage of society, and I serve a high ideal when I do so--but a lot of human compassion gets set aside in respecting the basic humanity of all. (Or one's closest approximation.)

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