Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Britt, I Plead No the Charge of Starting My Second Manhattan Before Dinner

Okay. I made up a new word. And I am really excited about it.


Drinking during the day. I fucking love it. The word AND the act. Kismet.

Okay, you may think it originated on Polka dot Clovers, but that's only because I uttered it there first. Granted, Britt deserves some credit because she gives me gigglegasms and is super-duper-splendorific and makes me want to say things like dayrinking--but it was all me. Incidentally, she also makes me wish she wasn't so far away--we could have fun. If she let me get smashy-squiffy with her, I would owe her a humongo favor--but not porn. I wouldn't do porn for her. I'm not that kind of girl.

(Okay, I might be that kind of girl...But I am also the kind of girl who would want to retain all royalty rights.)

Um. Shit. Conclusion: Brittacular no longer references Brittains. Britt has usurped it. Well played. Let's celebrate. You bring the fruit, I'll bring absurd amounts of liquor. And the gatorade. Because I care.

P.S. Blogged evidence of stalking love-letters besotted tributes mentions of you are cool, right Britt?

P.P.S. My use of links to you doesn't taint my love of adoration of fixation with enthrallment with interest in you, does it? I just want to justify my love. (Holy shit. Point for Madonna reference. Totally accidental. Still--POINT!)

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