Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Science has an anus ring!

Okay, so...Anus tattoos. Something needs to be said...but what?

It started with a porn star's tattoo around her butt hole, something to the effect of "One ring to rule them all, One ring to bind them." The question arose as to whether you would hold your own ass cheeks apart for the requisite number of hours, or if you would ask someone else to hold your ass cheeks apart. I think it ended with the question of whether you would wear underwear (and risk a wedgie) if you were going to church on Easter with grandma during the healing period...We decided that if you have an anus tattoo, it is more likely that grandma goes to Easter church commando than you wearing underwear during the healing process. It is just common sense. It is Science!

Apparently anal tattoos are a remedy for chronic back pain:
"The tattoo needles actually draw out the back cramps through your anus...The ink is actually just the good juju that is deposited into your back through your anus." Medical Science by Chaseycakes.

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